Earlier this year we went to the store to buy a new crock pot. The one we had quick working right on the high setting. So we made a trip to the store to pick up a new one (and maybe a different brand) and this pressure cooker caught our eye. We have owned all kinds of appliances, but I can honestly say that we have never had a pressure cooker. I really didn’t know what they were good for. The box convincingly showed how much it could cut down cooking time dramatically, and all the things you could make in it. Next thing I knew we were at home cooking our first meal.

First, I was surprised how many recipes online for pressure cookers. You can type in nearly anything you want to cook and “pressure cooker” as an added keyword, and get a result. Second, now that we’ve made many things in it I consider the pressure cooker to be a reverse crock pot. Meaning, crock pots are for cooking things slow, and pressure cookers are for cooking things fast!

We’ll share recipes as we cook new things in it, but one thing we realized is that for years we’ve been using instant rice (which is dehydrated). Cooking standard rice (usually brown) in the pressure cooker is just so good! Also, who would’ve known you could literally cook pasta in as little as 6 minutes!

Check out prices (and alternative makes and models) here:
Farberware pressure cooker

Also, if you’re into technology – you’ll be happy to know they have a bluetooth connected pressure cooker that you can control from your phone or tablet here.

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