Tracy had mentioned that every time she was in the car traveling to Ann Arbor with her sister she always said she loved this one house that had painted chair planters for sale out by the road. For the last few years, this avid upcycler paints dozens of chairs in a rainbow of color, and sells them with beautiful fresh planter installed in each.

I have been known for acquiring random chairs from garage sales for no apparent reason – other than to make them into something else at a later date. One of the chairs had apparently made it’s “later date” when Tracy said we should just make one for said sister.

And so this chair began with just a plastic planter, and an outline of its base in sharpie.

upcycled_repainted_chair_planter (1)

What this next image does not show is the two hours the elapsed trying to cut this hole, along with the broken jigsaw blades, broken jigsaw, and in the end the router used to get the hole large enough to accommodate the planter. Lots and lots of sanding and drilling took place as well.

upcycled_repainted_chair_planter (2)

It was all downhill from there, the only thing left to be done was a nice coat of color. I planted something that should get much bigger and bush out on the seat over the sides of planter.

upcycled_repainted_chair_planter (3)

Here’s another view. I think if we do this again – it’s time for a new jigsaw. But other than that – it turned out pretty good!

upcycled_repainted_chair_planter (4)

We eat a LOT of salads, and it can be…