Last summer I happened to see a garage sale out in the country and I decided to stop. It looked like a few old ladies had a combined sale that had been going on for several days, and most of the good stuff was already sold. A quick once over and I was ready to go in just a minutes. But on the way down the driveway I spotted 2 old chairs that seemed pretty sturdy. I believe they wanted something like $4 each. I offered $5 for both – and they took it.

This was one of those chairs. It was totally 60’s when I got it, with a bright orange vinyl seat cover, and light brown wood. For some reason, from the beginning I thought this would make my Mom a good piano chair.

Once I took the seat off, the frame was in good shape. It was pretty easy to just sand it a little, and spray paint it matte black. The seat, however, needed a little more work. When I purchased the chair the padding underneath the vinyl was completely flat and only about 1/8″ thick. Not very comfortable. We went to JoAnn Fabrics and picked out a nice musical fabric for the covering, and some thick 3″ foam for the padding. I cut the foam to size, cut the fabric, and secured it with the trusty staple gun.

I think the cherry on top was the gold lettering on the back. It was Tracy’s idea to use gold lettering, so it would match the seat cover (great choice!). We were really happy to see this finished, and grateful we could give it to my Mom for her birthday!

repurposed music teacher chair

Tracy came across this recipe for roast beef cheese sliders…