About the Pratt’s

by | Nov 24, 2015

My name is John, and we are the Pratt Family! We’re from Michigan, just South of Ann Arbor, and just North of Toledo, Ohio. Meet my lovely wife Tracy, and my son Nolyn.

Pratt Family

We are a family that is technology driven, food loving, and obsessed with creating cool custom things. Especially things that are rustic, reclaimed, upcycled, re-purposed, etc. Over the last couple years I have been collecting wood – including planks, slabs, and barn wood, from local sawmills and wood workers. I’ve been trying to increase my wood working skills by acquiring new tools and trying new techniques, while creating wood projects for family, friends, and other people along the way. One of our goals is to eventually replace all of the store bought furniture in our house with things I’ve made with my own hands. Lately I’ve been asked to make things for other people more and more, so making things for the house has been moving a little bit slower as of late. =)

Why a family blog? Two-fold. One is for sharing our recipes. We post a lot of food pics on social media and people always seem to ask us for the recipe. The other reason is because we make so many things we forget ourselves to go back and make them again (or we need the recipe). So consider this blog a personal and public archive of projects, food, and things that were cool enough to save a tidbit about.

Many times we’re eating healthy to promote weight loss as well, which is something everyone wants to know more about. Sometimes Tracy gets messages from people asking what her “secret” is. There is no secret. But many of our recipes will provide some of the building blocks required for a healthier diet, which will help you lose weight. We’ll definitely dedicate some posts to weight loss in the coming months.

If would like to see what we like, and where some of our inspirations come from – you should probably follow us on Pinterest. With thousands of pins saved, you can probably get lost in our boards for days.

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